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canada-home-internet-imgCommunications is the most vital part of our everyday life, and that is why so many technological advances have to do with communications. If you are currently living in Canada, you need to find a Canada home Internet provider, which can offer you a good versatile plan that will make your communications easy and cheap, and your Internet experience more enjoyable.

Simply finding a random Canada home Internet provider is easy, but finding a reliable one that can indeed offer you a worthy package that meets your personal needs requires a little digging. One option here is to call your current provider and ask for a Canada home Internet service. In most cases, a company providing you with your PSTN line (Public Switched Telephone Network) will be in a position to offer a more attractive 2 for 1 deal. Assess their offer and if you are happy with it, you should go for it; that is, of course if you are satisfied with the services they have been offering up until now. If that is not the case, then you should start searching elsewhere. Either ask your friends if they have a Canada home Internet provider and how satisfied they were with their services, or start browsing the Internet on your own. Actually, it is best if you did both, for each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Internet search, on one hand, will yield many results which will give you the opportunity to compare and contrast the various Canada home Internet offers. The problem, however, is that seeing so many offers, where each company claims that its Internet services are the best, might cause some confusion and frustration. On the other hand, asking your friends about their experience with Canada home Internet providers, can give you an insight of what you should expect in terms of reliability and tell you whether you should trust a certain company or not. Nevertheless, this search will be limited to only a handful of people, and won’t be enough to reach to a definite conclusion. Therefore, doing both is probably for the best. This way you can combine your findings and come up with a more reliable answer to your problem.

Conduct a thorough research before you decide on anything and also make sure that the deal you are making is the best for you. Take into account the pricing of the package, the reliability of the company offering it, the intended Internet use (for example, simple browsing, video viewing, music and movies downloading) which should affect your decision in terms of the bandwidth (meaning the total capacity) of your Internet connection. After all you will have to make some sort of contractual agreement with the home Internet provider you choose, that will legally oblige you to pay a certain amount of money every month for at least a year. In other words, you literally can’t afford to be wrong on this one; think wisely and make sure that the deal you are getting is the best there is.

Ontario Only
Plan Cable – Lite Cable – Express Cable – Extreme
Monthly Charge $34.99 $44.99 $54.99
Upload/Download Speeds 256Kbps / 3Mbps 512Kbps / 10Mbps 1Mbps / 15Mbps
Bandwidth 300 GB
Contract No Contract
One-Time Activation Fee $64.99

Bundle to Save

Telehop offers a bundle builder tool that allows you mix and match our Home Phone service with Long Distance and High-Speed Cable Internet plans so you can SAVE even more!

Thomson DCM476 modem provides high-speed download speed of up to 150 Mbps
Rent for $6.99/month or $3.99/month when you bundle with Telehop  Home Phone. Purchase Price $69.99


Keep Your Own Modem


You may use your own modem if it is on the list below. Please provide your model and
serial number to a Telehop customer service agent before signing up.
Joohong SL-2810-29.2
Motorola SB5100-3
Motorola SB5101-1
Motorola SB5101N-1
Motorola SB5120-4
Thomson/RCA DCM425

Check to see if Telehop High Speed Cable Internet is available in your province:

British ColumbiaAlbertaSaskatchewanManitobaOntarioQuebecNova ScotiaNew BrunswickNewfoundlandP.E.I

Service is available in select cities across Ontario.

Telehop Home Phone and Internet Bundle